Tell us a little more about your company Yoni Healer UK?

My name is Paula and I am the owner and founder, I started the Yoni Healer a little over 1 year now. is a private place where women can go to purchase their Yoni Eggs and a place to go to get all the information a woman needs about Yoni Eggs, offering live chat so women can interact, if there is information they need the answer to that is not online.

When I wanted to start using Yoni Eggs, I couldn’t find a company based in the UK, So I had to buy from overseas which cost me lots of money in delivery charges making my purchase quite expensive, and it took so long to arrive and when my egg finally arrive it came with no instructions so I was not fully sure the best way to use it and on top of that I didn’t like the shape of my egg, that was over 7 years ago.

I wanted to change the game; I wanted to make my UK ladies happy, when it came to purchasing a Yoni Egg, After a long time doing my investigation in Yoni Eggs, I was introduce to an international gemstone broker, we spoke and decided to work together in creating  bespoke design, high quality Yoni Eggs, was then born, what Yoni Healer offers the UK woman are, great quality Yoni Eggs, free shipping, excellent customer service, fast shipping, interactive communication and all the information needed on Yoni Eggs, we only aim for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What is the Yoni or Jade egg?

The Yoni Egg aka Jade egg is an egg shaped natural semi precious gemstone, The Yoni Egg is smooth and non-porous semi precious gemstones or crystal; that varies in material and size. All our Yoni Eggs are drilled at the narrowest end for easy removal and so weights can be added; it’s inserted into the vagina to aid the vaginal health, strength and maintain youthfulness of the sacred organ. The use of the Yoni Egg is thousands of years old, which has always been a deeply guarded secret amount the influential.

The egg is inserted into the vagina the squeezing the vaginal muscles (as though you are trying to stop the flow of urine), then release, doing this repetitively for 30 minutes every our day helps strengthen, tighten, tones and cultivate sexual energy in the Yoni, also balancing the yin yang energy.

The Yoni and Jade Eggs are the only 100% natural vaginal tools on the market, with the rest being made up of synthetic and other materials that are not healthy for internal uses such as silicone, metals, plastic and glass. Being in the present of crystal is very good for the body.

What benefits can women gain from using Yoni egg?

There are so many, the vagina is a muscle, and like all muscles in a body if you don’t use them you lose them, over time women’s vaginal muscles will become weaker with ages but by using Yoni Egg it will help strengthen and tighten the vagina naturally, the Yoni Egg not only helps women’s vaginas but the entire reproductive system. The Yoni Egg will benefit women Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually for the better.

As a user of the Yoni Egg I can confidently say that I have a better and healthier vagina since I started using Yoni Eggs.

My personal 5 main reason why for the rest of my life I will always use my Yoni Egg.

  • So I can have Stronger, more toned and tighter vagina, I can say now at 36 year old I have a stronger and tighter vagina than I did at 18, even after giving birth naturally.
  • Since using the Yoni Egg I have gone from a 5 day period to a 2 ½, pain free, without suffering any form of PMT/PMS.
  • Using my Yoni Egg I know it will help me prevent me having a prolapse and ever suffering from incontinence in my later years.
  • To maintain my over all vaginal health
  • To strengthen my spiritual connection with self

But there are over 25 different benefits a woman can receive by using the Yoni Egg. Those are just my 5 favs.

I’ve notice on your website that there are three different sizes, what size should you choose as a first time user?

Yes the egg comes in large, medium and small, a lot of customer are scared to use the large, as they believe large egg means you have to have a large vagina to use it, this is not true, the large egg means more weight easier to feel, so resulting in better results faster.  Women who are virgins tend to go for the medium.

The small Yoni Egg is for the women who have master the medium and/or large Yoni Egg. Women who have never used a Yoni Egg before, who purchase the small from our website will always come back for a larger size, as they realise that working with a small egg is frustrating and it is extremely hard to work out what muscles they are using, however with the large or medium it is much easier.

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There are also different colours, how do you know which colour to get? Does each colour have a different meaning and purpose?

At the moment we stock 8 different types of Yoni Eggs. Each Egg has it own healing properties, so for example a woman who believes she have a lot of trauma stored in her womb, I would suggest the obsidian, and if she has fertility issues then I would suggest jade. When deciding what egg to choose, I would suggest a woman uses her womanly instincts; she should go for the one she is more naturally drawn too.  A woman can research the egg she is more drawn too and majority of the time she will see why she is drawn to that specific egg for a reason.

What are Yoni Eggs made from?

Yoni Eggs are made for earth natural crust; each egg type is name after the stone/crystal it is made from, for example, a rose quartz Yoni Egg is made from the crystal Rose Quartz.

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Is there a recommended age when a woman should start using Yoni egg?

I would say 18 -20 years old, the younger you start the better.

Is there any time in a woman’s life when she should not use the Yoni egg?

Yes, a pregnant woman who has never used a Yoni Egg before should not use it until after she has given birth, however if she was using the Yoni Egg at least 6 months prior to becoming pregnant then she can use it during her pregnancy.  Women using IUD should not use the Yoni Egg has it can shift the device causing if not to do it job, and women who have a stage 3 or 4 prolapse (this is where the vagina or rectum falls out). If unsure always consult your doctor.

What advice would you give to a first time user?

Give yourself a around of applause, you are greater than most, this is not a fad this is a lifestyle, never stop exercising the Yoni Egg.

Do you think the use of Yoni egg by women is becoming more main stream? 

I would have to say No, I would say 95% of the women that I have spoken to have never heard of a Yoni Egg. Even when talking about kegel some women are unaware of what they are and I am speaking about women in their 20s and 30s. The Yoni Egg is quite a hush hush thing, there are only a few women speaking about the importance of using them. It saddens me that when I am in a room with a bunch of over 20s year old women and I ask them to raise their hand if as a teenager how many where taught about their vagina’s and how to look after  it and not one of them will raise their hands.  I would say in the UK 6% of people know about the Yoni Egg, and less than 1% are using them.

I have seen and read the main stream media giving light to vaginal weight lifting, but they never mention the Yoni Egg or the benefits.

However there are bloggers like yourself and a small number of youtubers talking about the subject, I wouldn’t saw it is anywhere near main stream at the moment, but hopefully one day.

In closing, any final thoughts or advice you would like to give?

Don’t wait until you’re have problems to start using the Yoni Egg, I would recommend that as soon as a woman turn 18 she should start using a Yoni Egg. I only wish I knew about it when I was younger. While working out is the best time to use the Yoni Egg, especially while doing squats.

Any questions