Welcome to Natural Strutting it

My first blog post! Blogging is something I have been contemplating for a very long time. I have been frequently ask if I am blogger or why don’t I blog?! However, I have always question whether I have the time to commit to writing blog post and whether it’s for me, as I have always considered myself to be a private person. I have learnt over the years that blogging can consist of exactly what you want to blog about and nothing else, you only need to learn to separate the two if that is your wish, so here I am!

I would like to thank the team that has contributed to gorgeous images featured on here. Elementz imagez who took some amazing photos, the gorgeous models Marisha, Vicky and Sarah who were super on the day, producing amazing images, talented makeup artist Nyla of Kulchicbeauty and my talented friend Matilda of Kokoberi Bespoke accessories, thank you for the lovely pieces.

I hope you will find information on Natural Strutting It useful. I welcome your input as NSI evolve over time. Future post will cover health and beauty, natural hair, lifestyle and eco-friendly products, not forgetting the occasional giveaways. I will also use the opportunity to collaborate and feature guest blog post.

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