Mahogany Naturals Hair Care

Since I went natural (stop putting relaxer in my hair) a few years ago, there has been a surge of British brands who stepped up to the challenge to cater to the needs of those that decided they don’t want to use relaxers anymore. As a result, these companies started manufacturing products for afro and curly type hair, which was encouraging to see hence why it is important to support these local brands. These products were manufactured with afro hair’s most important need in mind ‘moisture.’

I have my staple products (Beunique) nonetheless, I always like to try and support other local brands. Over the last few months I have been using Mahogany naturals products but my favorite is definitely the Luscious hair milk. It states;

  • it is a daily leave in conditioner and moisturiser
  • great for dry and damage hair
  • detangles and define curls
  • Great for blowouts and straightening
  • all natural, no paraben etc

Image 1

For me, I use it as a daily moisturiser, leave-in conditioner, it also define my curls not to mention it has the most luscious smell! I can’t stop smelling it! I have been ask constantly why my hair smells so nice whenever I use it- yep I just say its my luscious milk!

 Ingredients: Aqua (purified water), (Aloe Barbabensis) Aloe Vera, (Prunus Dulcis) Sweet Almond oil, (Mangifera Indica) Mango oil, (Tocopherol) vitamin E, (Olea Europaea) Extra virgin olive oil, Emulsifyer, Guar, Essential oils, Fragrance

You can purchase Mahogany Naturals products here