My ‘green beauty’ essentials 

Over the years I have been trying to clean up my beauty essentials – my beauty regime is very basic by the way! Although I have been using Origins for a while, I wanted to find other clean beauty that was more afforded and budget friendly.                                                                                                               I did a little digging online and found out about Good things, this I was really happy about, as I found out that not only were they more budget friendly than my beloved Origins but I could pick them up at my local boots too. Over the years I have manage to use almost their entire range – toner, moisturiser, face scrub, face wash etc,  because I find them to be not only budget friendly but a lot of their products have a luscious fruity smell which I really like. I generally picked them up when they are on offers even if I don’t need them at the time.

good (1)good (2)

Along with my daily toner, moisturises, I use a lot of oil on my face too – yes I do! At nights before I go to bed, I apply a generous amount of coconut oil to my face, occasionally I use argan oil – a little goes a long way here, as we all know argan oil is not cheap but your face is worth it right?! I also use oil on my face before I apply my moisturiser on a daily basic.

To detox my skin, I use either  bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, hibiscus powder or activated charcoal – all these I purchase from Sheabutter Cottage and they last a long time eventhough I use them on both my skin and hair. These clays has a number of beneficial use such as:

  •  high in vitamin c
  • gentle exfoliate skin
  • helps restore youthful skin
  • helps skin that are prone to breakout
  • helps skin elasticity.