Whilst in London I attended Curlvolution natural hair and beauty show and Brit beauty mixer, I will post about Brit Beauty mixer in a separate post. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am very shy when it comes to taking someone else’s photo, something I will have to work on, as you all know I am new to this, needless to say I don’t have a lot of images to show you. Never fear, I will use this opportunity to discuss the content of the show instead. If you want to check out some gorgeous images, have a look at Natural belle’s post.

This is not my first time at Curlvolution, but I must say this is the first time I thoroughly enjoyed all aspect of the show. The organiser teamed up with American natural hair Vlogger Taren Guy, as part her of her Luv and learn your hair European tour. In March Taren Guy hosted sold out shows in Paris and Amsterdam therefore I wasn’t surprise curlvolution was sold out too.

Alongside Taren Guy, the show was hosted by Actionjackson- affectionately called Mr Curlvolution. Actionjackson was not only inspiring and motivates you to shut up and take action; his sense of humour had everyone in the room filled with laughter. He implore us to take action, believe in ourselves and support each other. He went through the five steps to success and some steps to remain successful. He also challenges us to come back next year to tell our success stories.


The panel was not short of inspirational ladies. It comprises of Gina of Natural belle, Taren Guy, Felicia Leatherwood, Emma Dabiri and Deborah Blake. There were so many topics that were touched on in that short space of time. However, the ones that stood out for me is when someone from the panel states that even though going natural portrays that we are accepting ourselves and our hair, some of us still don’t as we want someone else’s curls or hair texture or length, so we are still conforming, we are not accepting ‘our’ individual hair whatever texture it is. The other point that stood out for me is that we should not only be concern about what we put on our hair but also what we put inside our bodies, are we implementing a healthier and more fuller lifestyle?!

Someone pose the questions, how do they deal with negativity towards their hair?! The responses  were very honest and straight to the point, we should not concentrate on those people with negative comments but more so concentrate on ourselves, learn to love ourselves and what people say about our hair will not have any effect on us at all. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. The negative comments towards my hair doesn’t matter to me because I love my hair so what someone else says to me is their problem not mine!

2014-05-24 16.22.37


African Caribbean Leukemia Trust also gave a presentation, highlighting how important it is for the black and Asian community to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Bone marrow contains racially specific characteristics, a compatible donor for a black or Asian person can only be found within the black, mixed race or Asian population. The charity raises awareness which enables potential donors to come forward. At the ACLT registration drives they encourage BME communities to be get involved and join the process of offering hope and a healthy future to someone whose disorder may otherwise prove fatal. The ACLT has raised the numbers of potential Black/Mixed Race donors from 550 to over 40,000 and many lives have been saved in the process. To be a donor is quite easy, they take cheek swab, a saliva sample or a small blood sample from you. For more information visit their website

Throughout the day there were presentations from all the vendors, pitching their business for 45 seconds, which I thought was a good initiative. There were also presentations from curlformers, beautiful textures and hairfinity.