Building a regimen

Have you build an effective hair regimen or you are still at the point where you hair care just fits in whenever? Building a regime will help you to see what works for you and what doesn’t along with helping you to reach your goals on time. Whilst choosing a regimen that suits you, you must choose one that best suits your schedule and take into consideration the amount of time you want to commit to maintaining your hair on a weekly basis. You don’t want to fall in the trap of choosing a regime that will take you longer than the time you actually have to commit, as you will end up being just as frustrated, choose something that best suits you. The key to getting the most out of your healthy hair regimen is consistency. Your regime also becomes quicker and easier to follow with consistency

Detangling before wetting your hair: This is essential in reducing the amount of hair lost. Afro texture hair is at its most fragile state when wet hence, why it is important to detangle before wetting your hair; this will enable you to get rid of those knots before. The best way for detangling my hair is in sections then add a fair amount of coconut oil to each section (you can use an oil of your choice but I find coconut oil best). If you have the time, leave this on overnight, if you don’t, leave it on for about ten minutes. Proceed with detangling with your preferred method –finger detangle or wide tooth comb. This can be known as a pre-poo method!

Proceed with Shampooing hair: At this point your hair should already be in sections. Shampooing hair in sections ensures easier manageability, easier access to get your scalp clean, prevents any further knots, matting and excessive tangles.

Deep Condition: Whilst I recommend deep conditioning on weekly basis as this prevents breakage, correct hair damage, moisturise and nourishes the hair follicles and encourages hair growth, not all hair may need it on a weekly basis and again this depends on your time. You can opt for doing this bi-weekly if not. As you’re aware moisture is key to maintaining, thick, healthy hair afro texture hair (curly, coily, kinky).  If you decide not to deep conditioning that particular week, choose one of those moisturising wash out conditioners instead.

Leave in conditioner: Choose one that is moisturising, one that has water as its top ingredient. Leave in conditioners can also come in cream forms.

Seal in the moisture: Conquer moisture loss by sealing in the moisture after hydrating your hair. To lock the moisture in your hair, add a small amount of oil or butter to your hands, distribute this evenly to each section, paying special attention to the ends.

Maintaining hair

Moisturise your hair: Keeping hair moisturised throughout the week also helps prevent breakage from dryness and keeps your strands lubricated which helps keep the tips of your strands from forming knots and tangles.

Sleep in a stain bonnet or on a satin pillowcase: Cotton is not your friend. In fact cotton can cause split ends, breakage, and chronic dryness. I do both so when I forget my satin bonnet, which most times I do, my satin pillowcase is there to the rescue.  Your hair will thank you!

Every month consider the following:

Every four to six weeks consider the following:

Protein Treatments: Even though my recommendation for protein treatments is every four to six weeks, some hair needs this more often, as with my hair. Bear in mind for some, an over use of protein can leave hair feeling dry, brittle and hard to the touch. Protein treatments work to keep your hair healthy and strong by preventing or correcting breakage, filling in gaps along the hair shaft which helps your hair retain more moisture and correcting issues with elasticity.

Scalp Treatments: Scalp treatments are effective in removing bacteria and exfoliating dead skin cells, similar to that of exfoliating your skin. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. I make this myself with either sugar, olive oil or coconut oil, lemon and tea tea tree oil.

If you are wearing your hair out more often for eg like twist outs or braid outs, it is recommend that you shampoo and deep conditioning once weekly. I don’t wear my hair out in the week quite often however, I do adopt a weekly shampoo and deep conditioning routine because of the nature of my hair texture which is fine and prone to breakage and split ends.

Here is a sample regimen you can use:

Saturday Detangle hair + Condition + Shampoo Hair + Deep Condition + check for tangles + Style/Twist
Sunday  Rest day!
Monday AM-Moisturise hair as needed (Could be as simple as misting hair )

PM-Moisturise as needed, Re-twist/Re-braid hair

Tuesday Some moisturise daily, do so as needed
Wednesday Moisturize hair as needed + Seal in the moisture + Re-twist/Re-braid hair as needed
Thursday AM-Moisturise as needed

PM-Moisturise as needed

Friday Am-Mosturise as needed

PM- Pre-poo

Saturday Detangle hair + Condition hair + Shampoo Hair + Deep Condition + check for tangles + Style