Why We Should All Be Angry about Blue Ivy’s Hair

The popular Black Entertainment Television music show, 106 & Park is currently suspended off air after receiving major backlash for an on air dig made against Beyoncé & Jay Z’s toddler, Blue Ivy.

During a guest presenting slot on the show, Karreuche Tran, the on off girlfriend of RnB superstar Chris Brown, said in reference to baby blue’s thoughts at the VMA “ I woke up like this because my parents didn’t comb my hair”. She followed by stating “oh no, you know I love me some Beyoncé and Blue Ivy” seemingly realising how inappropriate the statement was.

However, it was too late and social media went crazy with people calling out Karreuche for bullying a baby. Both Karreuche and BET issued statements confirming that Karreuche was reading off an auto cue and it was in fact BET scriptwriters who had made the dig. Shortly after, the normally nightly show was suspended. No doubt a result of intervention from the Beygency, (the secret organisation working to ensure Queen B’s continued reign).

I am not a major fan of Beyoncé or Jay Z, nor am I particularly interested in Blue Ivy as I don’t know her. However, given that this incident is just one in a long line of Blue Ivy related hair bashing, as a black woman with natural hair, I felt now was the time to pass comment.

The main bug bear people seem to have with the child and her afro is the fact that it is “obvious that Beyoncé doesn’t comb her hair”. There are several reasons why people need to stop with this:

You have no clue whether or not Beyoncé combs her daughter’s hair!

Unless you live in the Carter household and follow the family around all day, you have no clue what Beyoncé does or doesn’t do to her baby’s hair. You can assume but you cannot prove it. There is nothing to say that Beyoncé (or someone else in the household because she must have nannies right?) doesn’t comb out Blue’s hair in the morning and due to its afro curly nature it coils tightly back up. It is obvious she has pretty fluffy hair so this is not that big a stretch of a possibility.

2.       She doesn’t need to comb her hair!

I am totally confused by what this great fascination is with whether she has or hasn’t combed her hair. Anyone who knows anything about natural afro hair knows that combing is not a good way to detangle your hair. Because our hair is so tightly coiled combing can pull hair out of the scalp and cause it to get sensitive. I have a sensitive scalp from years of my mum yanking at my hair with a comb to prove it! Also, finger detangling is a much more effective way of maintaining curls. I regularly do not comb my hair for days on end if wearing my fro out. If I comb my hair, the curls will turn into a frizz bomb and my hair would look like I put my finger in a socket. As long as her hair isn’t matted (which it very clearly isn’t, it doesn’t need combing.

blue-ivy Blue-Ivy-Carter

3.       What do you know about little black girl’s hair?

This doesn’t apply to everyone BUT, I have seen lots of people on social media passing comment on the state of Blue’s hair who have no real understanding of what afro hair is actually like. Yet they know for a FACT that her hair isn’t supposed to look like it does. How? When was the last time you were in charge of managing and maintaining a black child’s hair?

4.       That’s how the MAJORITY of black folk’s hair grows out of their scalp.

Now I do not have anything against the grown woman who wants to wear her hair in weave or uses relaxers. However, it is almost as though women who don’t wear their hair natural have amnesia and have forgotten that they were not born with 24 inch Remy. Maybe if more of these black women embraced their own natural hair they wouldn’t be so shocked to see Beyoncé allowing her TWO YEAR OLD child to do so.

I can only assume that the confusion as to why Blue’s hair looks like it does when Beyoncé is her mother, can only be because they think the blonde weaves Beyoncé wears is her actual hair. It isn’t. She woke up like that because she brought it like that.

5.       What message are you sending little black girls with natural hair?

Growing up I HATED having natural hair with a passion. I begged my mum at every opportunity to let me relax it. I used to get teased relentlessly about my “tough” hair. That was twenty years ago before social media, Brazilian weaves and the natural hair movement. I cannot imagine what it feels like to be a nine year old girl with natural hair in today’s society listening to everyone bash on Blue Ivy’s beautiful afro.

Every black person involved in this needs to stop being so ignorant of the messages they are sending young girls. You are telling them that in their natural state they are not good enough. That they are not beautiful and that in order to be considered as such they need to change something that God and their parents gave to them. How can we expect young black girls to grow into confidant black women if we are feeding them this message?

Blue Ivy is the daughter of the most successful (and some say powerful) black couple in the world, is adorable and is still told she isn’t good enough. I wonder if a toddler of Angelina Jolie or Celine Dion was pictured with their natural hair if they would get a similar backlash even if it was uncombed. I guess not because I am yet to see any headlines or social media campaigns about any white celebrities’ children’s hair.

I am not part of the Beyhive and I could live without the existence of Beyoncé very easily, but I am firmly on Beyoncé’s side when it comes to this matter. She is letting her daughter be her natural, beautiful self and isn’t pandering to the ignorant individuals who want her to change her child for the sake of keeping up appearances. That is the saddest thing. Black people feel that because Beyoncé is a celebrity she should make sure her child looks “presentable”. But why is natural hair not presentable?

Blue Ivy looks just adorable whether her hair is in an afro or an afro puff and instead of people hating on her they need to ask themselves why are they so interested in the hair styles of a two year old? Blue isn’t worried about you that’s for damn sure. As for the idiot that started an online petition to get Blue’s hair combed. I have to question what kind of person they are that thinks that making such fun of a two year old is acceptable. Imagine if that was your child?

Contributor: Daniella Genas