Andrew aka The Investigator

Andrew you are otherwise known as the investigator, why is that the case?

They refer to me as THE INVESTIGATOR because from a young age I grew up on my favorite detective show called Colombo. He would want to know more about anything and everything. I always like going deep down as oppose to dwelling on the surface. I would question things even if I may appear stupid or annoying.

Your specialty is black history, who do present your workshops to?

My aim is to bring Black History to the mainstream, so I teach right across the racial field and mainly in schools, religious institutions, prisons and my target group is the youth.

You may have notice that many black women are refraining from relaxing their hair; do you think this is a positive step?

Yes most definitely! I personally don’t have a problem with how women want to present their beauty however natural hair manifests to me that the individual is confident in who they are inwardly and outwardly. It is a powerful step in self-acceptance.

Do you think this have any impact on the younger generation?

Yes! Living in a world where the younger generation is made to feel inadequate about their appearance so that companies can profit on their physical insecurities. Then we have to empower them that they are born with natural beauty.

When it comes to our hair, what role in history does it play?

Historical hair was not just for style and appearance but it had spiritual, political, traditional, racial and psychological significance.

What’s the general male perspective when it comes to natural hair?

There are a growing number of brothers who are now becoming more attracted to the natural hair look and feel. They believe the sister is keeping it real!

Would you encourage ladies not to relax their hair?

I really do think it’s a personal choice but if you do decide to relax your hair you must ask why do I feel I have to, what chemicals are being induced into my skull, how will it effect me biologically and psychologically and so on.

What message do you have for anyone reading this interview?

Make it a duty and life long mission to gain a true knowledge of self, love yourself and remember you are born to be great!

What’s next in store for you?

To work harder to improve my art, expand my knowledge and create institutions of excellence that will allow people to reach their life goals.

If anyone wants to keep up to date with your workshops or events, where can they be directed to?


Facebook: Andrew Muhammad

Twitter: Investigator555