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About Natural Strutting It

Natural Strutting It is an extension of Midlands natural, the first natural hair meet-up within the Midlands-Birmingham area. Lorien started Midlands natural meet-up as she got frustrated with always travelling to London for natural hair events. When she first started organising Midlands natural meet-up, there wasn’t any other natural hair meet-up taking place within Birmingham/Midlands area. Birmingham is starting to have a growing natural hair community hence the need for such event is paramount. The meet-ups, though on a smaller scale saw women came together and celebrated their loced, curly, coily and relaxed hair, network, shared and learn more about taking care of their hair, not to mention all the amazing brands that sponsored us in the past.

Our View

Natural Strutting it will take on a more holistic view. You will not only see features on natural hair but health, beauty, lifestyle and eco-friendly products. Natural Strutting It will also be hosting a number of events within the Midlands around natural hair, beauty, health and lifestyle.

What We Love!

Hair 90%
Make-Up 80%
Natural Products 95%
Beauty 85%


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Key Features

  • Natural Healthy Hair
  • Natural Products
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Organic Products
  • Empowerment
  • Eco-Freindly
  • Networking
  •  Guidance
  • Inspiration